KIRK Kapital acquires 30% of TITAN Containers A/S

23-12-2019 - 09:00

TITAN partners with KIRK Kapital KIRK Kapital invests around DKK 140 million (€ 19m $ 21m £ 16m)  to support the continued growth in the rental fleet and global operations in TITAN. The transaction values TITAN Containers A/S at more than DKK 1 billion (€ 134m $ 148m £ 114m).

Intermodal Europe 2019 is here

05-11-2019 - 13:30

Come and meet the TITANS!

Intermodal Europe 2019 is nearly here!

10-10-2019 - 13:23

Come and meet the TITANS at stand D40.

5ft Mini Cargo Carrying Units Arrive into Trinidad

02-09-2019 - 00:08

Four Way Fork Pockets & padeyes for easy moving & loading 

TITAN Containers into Mexico with DNV 2.7-1 CCU

30-08-2019 - 04:30

TITAN containers are pleased to annouce they are offering there DNV 2.7-1 CCU product range into Mexico for the gulf region oil + gas & wind farm markets.

Facelift and more space @ HQ Day 2 Phase 1 complete

27-08-2019 - 09:38

Ten SPACE4PEOPLE containers are adding 170m² office space and a 70m² roof garden at TITAN HQ

Zany Zeus Cheese Factory

23-08-2019 - 01:40

TITAN's flew in from all over the world to undertake stage one of the Zany Zeus factory Arctic SuperStore project.     

Brand New 10ft DNV 2.7-1 Offshore Reefers

02-08-2019 - 11:45

Arrived into Trinidad.


01-08-2019 - 18:15

1st August and it is driver training and handover of TITAN's new road vehicles. 

TITAN keeps it cool with new ArcticStore delivery in Greece

24-07-2019 - 17:59

We are proud to have supplied major Greek supermarket chain Sklavenitis with 2 ArcticStore refrigeration. 

Good Vibes Festival 2019

24-07-2019 - 16:47

SPRO is proud to announce that we have successfully supplied 20ft ArcticStore portable cold storage container to support the storage of food and beverage product during the Good Vibes Festival 2019. Even though the 20ft containers were rented out for less than 1 month, it was an honor for ArcticStore containers to be chosen as the ONE for their portable cold storage solutions for the event. This was proving that the ArcticStore containers are suitable for the outdoor event without any doubts.

Cold Storage Service for Hi-Tech Glass Manufacturer

24-07-2019 - 16:35

SPRO won a project from one of the Japanese leading glass manufacturer. They had rented 1x20ft ArcticStore at Malaysia branch to store chemical coating application product, in order for them to tube, plate, rod, prism, sheet, sphere, and fiber. They are serves automotive, medical, lighting, energy, home appliance, and social infrastructure sectors worldwide.

TITAN supply the 148th Open to The Royal Portrush

10-07-2019 - 14:05

16 Metres on the 16th hole!   TITAN Container transport's new Volvo FH and 95t/m Cormach crane be seen extendened to an  ironic 16metres at the 16th hole!

ArcticStore to support Government Project launching in fishery industry

08-07-2019 - 15:58

SPRO Solutions had breakthrough one of the important deals recently, by supplying one unit of 20ft and one unit of 40ft ArcticStore to support the fishery industry which is under a government project.   They are planning to have 50 stores nationwide by this year 2019.   ArcticStore unit had done a great job by providing either chiller or frozen temperature to ensure the freshness and quality of the fish and seafood.

Cold storage service for Composites and Aerospace Industry

08-07-2019 - 15:53

As a leading global player in composites and aerospace industry, our customer is part of the global supply chain in Composites Aero structures for major commercial and military aircraft manufacturers in the world.   SPRO successfully to rent 2x40ft ArcticStore to store their valuable composite material.

Rental of 2 units ArcticStore to support Farm Product Merchant Wholesalers Industry

08-07-2019 - 15:46

We are pleased to support farm product merchant wholesalers industry. They rent 2x40ft ArcticStore to store the farm product with set point temperature at 3°C before the farm product send to the distributor. Our portable cold storage is not only for frozen storage but also to maintain the freshness with chill temperature as well.

Cold storage service to support Italian Traditional Ice Cream manufacturer

08-07-2019 - 15:41

A well-known Gelato manufacturer had recently rented a unit of 20ft ArcticStore. They have 20 years of gelato making experience and produce endless flavors fresh upon request with great imported ingredients. ArcticStore unit had done a great job by providing the frozen temperature to ensure the gelato freshness and quality in order to support their daily operation.

ArcticStore supply to Famous Supermarket at Kuching, Sarawak

08-07-2019 - 15:35

We recently win a 1 year contract from one of the famous supermarket at East Malaysia by providing rental of 20ft ArcticStore. Our customer manages to store and transfer all their remaining stocks and products from their existing third party warehouse into our ArcticStore

ArcticStore to support Fire Fighting Engineering and Equipment Industry

08-07-2019 - 15:26

One of the leader of Fire Fighting Engineering and Equipment Company in Malaysia, to rent 10ft ArcticStore to store fire suppression cylinders during audit test.   We are proudly announced that ArcticStore is complying and fulfill the audit requirement. Our portable cold storage had been chosen to serve customer for efficient and practical way of cold storage.

ArcticStore – Catering Service Industry

08-07-2019 - 12:13

As a leading catering company, our customer provide full catering service and top class event planning in Malaysia to bring 5 star hotel experience to customer doorstep.   We successfully rented 10ft ArcticStore to support the extra cold room during the peak season on Chinese New year holiday.

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