Pilot Project 20ft ArcticBlast Blast Freezer

01-07-2019 - 13:23

TITAN helps optimizing the cold chain in the Indonesian fishing industry.

To find a good quality of fish processing quite far from the expected, there are still some issues to manage cold chain fish processing, the main issues is cold storage, Cold storage in Indonesia is not good too many human error when their build a cold storage, which is finally unused.


We just collaborate with fishing Industry, There is 33 branches around Indonesia. They gave us pilot project to start from March – June 2019 for 3 months about perfomance of ArcticBlast such as electricity consumption, maximum Capacity, Duration for freezing fish to -20 degree celcius, they are amazing surprise with the result, they are really happy to using our ArcticBlast, they also gave us recommendation letter and result of the test. They plan and budgeting for our ArcticBlast to able for all their branches in 2020.


Because of our first pilot project, now we get chance to install our Arctic SuperStore, we also get official letter from to develop and optimize branches, We did a meeting and they have 7 hectare to install Arctic SuperStore its quite near from the port. Plan to realization SuperStore in September / October 2019.