TITAN4People Containers Build Site For Temporary Water Treatment to Combat Climate Change

29-07-2021 - 09:19


TITAN and our subbrand TITAN4People were proud to deliver three 12x3m container units and three 6.5x3m units to Kerkrade in the Netherlands recently, which have now become a part of a future-proofing project taking place in Europe called Life Local Water Adapt.


The portable office units have been custom-built for the site as a purpose-built temporary water treatment plant, and have been placed over large underground rain-water tanks which will be monitored and studied over the coming years. The goal of the project is to find out if the water in these tanks can be used for safe drinking water for the local community and if so, they will deliver water to the local community during times of need.

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TITAN4People Site Office Units as a Temporary Water Treatment Plant 

The site unit fabrications have been carefully constructed to provide access to the pipes coming up out of the ground, and the units fit together to provide a water-tight, lockable temporary water treatment plant. The units were easily delivered on articulated lorries and lifted into place via crane with all the electrics wired, doors and floors on, and all other necessary pieces ready to go – all that was needed was to fit the pieces together, link it up to a power supply, and kit it out with the water treatment plant equipment.


The area had been well-prepared with the necessary pipes standing up out of the ground over the rainwater tanks and concrete slabs over the top which provided the perfect level base for the modular units. The units were quickly moved into place so the project could progress quickly.




The Project

The Life Local Water Adapt project is designed to develop an urban climate adaptation strategy that will combat the extreme climates that are becoming more common due to climate change. 


Draught in urban areas poses a serious threat to the supply of drinking water and the project aims to provide additional water through the collection of rainwater, supplying water in times of drought, and preventing flooding in times of extreme precipitation.


The project will help reduce the dependency on groundwater and while the first projects are taking place in The Netherlands, Life Local Water Adapt hopes to replicate their projects in Belgium and other areas of Europe in the future.


This project will serve to protect local people from the effects of climate change, even while we as a larger global society strive to reverse and ease the effects. 


TITAN4People Containers


TITAN4People is a subbrand of TITAN Containers and thus offers the same incredible quality as our range of other container products, only offered to be inhabitable for both the short and long-term. Our office unit containers are fully customisable, as demonstrated by this project, and are available for use as offices, sanitary spaces, welfare, canteens, campsite spaces, gatehouse security offices, long and short-term accommodation, and a huge range of other uses. These solutions are available on a short, long, or permanent basis.


The modular units can be built to suit any need or size, including additional floors via an internal space-saving spiral staircase. This makes the containers a comfortable space as an office unit or as a modular home or option for additional student accommodation.


Every unit is built to order to suit the local building regulations and can be completed in as little time as 12 weeks from specification sign-off. We can also deliver globally, so whether you’re looking for a custom solution for a temporary water treatment plant or project or a long-term solution, we’ll help you find a quality solution. To find out more about our modular office units, click here.


We’re excited to see how this new model of water treatment plant progresses, and hope to be able to provide more timely solutions for similar projects in the future. Watch the video above for a closer look at the project: